Upcoming world record soccer game to benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital & pediatric cancer research

Upcoming world record soccer game to benefit St.

An attempt at a Guinness Book of World Records soccer game is coming up in April on the campus of Blackburn College in Carlinville. The game will benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital and pediatric cancer research.

The game is slated to begin Thursday, April 10 at 1 p.m. and end Sunday, April 13 at 5 p.m. When the record is set, 36 men will have just played the longest soccer game of their lives and the longest soccer game ever in the history of the Guinness Book.

The goal is a $100,000 donation going toward pediatric cancer research at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. The game was inspired by a current Blackburn men’s soccer player’s father, Joshua Hellums. Shortly after the season began in 2013, the head men’s coach Rob Steinkuehler’s 15-month old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. His team members displayed a passion for a charitable giving along with the support of their coach and young son that Hellums had not witnessed in a group of young men in a very long time. Because of that, the idea was hatched. They will use the game they love to pursue a Guinness World Record to raise funds for a cure.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is dedicated to a simple, fundamental mission: to do what’s right for kids. More than 3,000 children each year are diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Brain tumors are the most common solid tumor among children. Children who survive aggressive surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments often are left with severe handicaps, learning disabilities or hearing and vision losses.

Federal funding for pediatric research of any kind is incredibly scarce and is dwindling with each passing year. But thanks to generous donations from caring individuals and organizations, scientists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital are able to carry out promising research to learn why children develop tumors and discover ways they might be prevented.
The record game will be an opportunity to be able to fund research for Children’s Hospital in a unique way. 36 men will be playing for those who have gone through something like this, those who are still there, and for those who are next in line.

The current record is 72 consecutive hours played, held by a group from Sweden. The players will try to surpass the record by playing 76 straight hours of soccer. A monumental challenge as the game must be played under a strict set of rules which limits the roster to 18 men with players unable to leave the general area of the field.

Players will eat, nap, play soccer and repeat for a total of 76 hours. For more information about becoming involved in this record breaking game or how to donate to this promising research, contact Joshua Hellums (314) 565-8363 or visit worldrecordsoccergame.com.

Hellums hopes that, “Together we can raise funds for research so that no parent ever has to hear the words, ‘Your child has cancer.’ 76 hours, 36 men, two goals, one mission, FIND A CURE!”