Trivia 6-20-19

Trivia 6-20-19

Father’s Day

If you don’t know an answer, just do some research. It is fun and it keeps the brain active.

Father’s Day like Mother’s Day is a very significant day. Among the important father’s that come to my mind are the following: Harold (my dad), Alden, Kevin and Chris. Let’s look at Father’s Day and its history.

1. When was the nation’s First Father’s Day celebrated?

2. Who was the founder of Father’s Day?

3. What President approved the idea of observing an annual Father’s Day?

4. What day in June is Father’s Day and what President approved this?

5. Is Father’s Day a federal Holiday?

6. Father’s Day celebrates?

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1. June 19, 1910

2. Sonora Smart Dodd

3. Woodrow Wilson

4. Third Sunday of June-Lyndon Johnson

5. It is not.

6. Father’s Day celebrates the contributions that fathers make for their children’s lives.