Trivia 5-9-19

Trivia 5-9-19

Is Mother’s Day trivia? In the sense that it recognizes small pieces of information. Overall though it is a very significant day of recognition. Among the important mother’s that come to my mind are the following: Eva, Caroline, Marilyn and Cari. Let us look at the development of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Trivia

1. Who established the first official Mother’s Day in the U.S. which was in the state of West Virginia?

2. What President issued a Presidential Proclamation establishing the first National Mother’s Day?

3. In 1934 a President approved a stamp commemorating Mother’s Day. Who?

4. What individual said the following? “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

5. What individual said the following? “God could not be everywhere and so he made mothers.”

6. What flower symbolizes Mother’s Day?


1. Anna Jarvis

2. Woodrow Wilson

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Rudyard Kipling

6. Carnation