Trivia – 5-30-19

Memorial day?

Some will say this is not Memorial Day! I will agree with them up to a point. I feel that to some extent everyday should be. That is why this is coming out a few days after the official Memorial Day? So here is your first trivia question.

1. When is Memorial Day observed each year?

Here is my story concerning  Memorial Day thoughts:

Having been in the Amateur Athletic Union I met in1964 a Ron Zinn (Race walker and participant in the Olympics (1964). I competed with him and others at the University of Chicago. Ron was a clear cut winner.  A few years later Ron died in Viet Nam. Ever since I have been more cognizant of the significance of Memorial Day. “A remembrance of those who have died serving our country.” (I was in the service during the Viet Nam era.)

Trivia Questions (small pieces of information)

2. Memorial Day was originally known as?

3. Who started Decoration Day?

4. What was declared by the Federal Government the official birthplace of Memorial Day?

5. When did Memorial Day become an official Federal Holiday?

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1. Last Monday of May

2. Decoration Day

3. John A. Logan

4. Waterloo, N.Y.

5. 1971