Trivia 3-14-19

Trivia 3-14-19

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day.

1. What does “Erin Go Bragh” mean?

2. Shamrock means?

3. What are the odds of finding a four leaf clover?

4. Who was known as the “Apostle of Ireland”?

5. Saint Patrick is suppose to have removed what from Ireland?

6. What is the national emblem of Ireland?

7. What does Saint Patrick’s Day symbolize?

Thanks to Phyllis Chatlos who helped me with developing some of the questions.

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1. Ireland Forever

2. “Little plant” or “young plant”or “young clover”

3. one in 10,000

4. Saint Patrick

5. snakes

6.the Harp

7. Adoption of Christianity and cultural heritage of Ireland