Potrillo's Mexican Grill opens for business on West Street

Potrillo’s Mexican Grill opens for business on West

A new name and a new sign was added to a familiar Carlinville location at the end of May. Photo provided.


By Erin Sanson
Enquirer-Democrat Reporter

A friendly Mexican eatery called Potrillo’s Mexican Grill opened on Friday May 14 at 531 S. West Street in Carlinville and so far they have been busy. Head chef and co-owner Angel Sagastume acknowledges lunch is the busiest time for the grill. “This last week was really really busy. People started to know about us, they came and tried the food and they talked to each other. That’s when we started getting busy, busy.”

A. Sagastume is from Honduras and he says he, “makes food to make people happy.” He went to culinary school in Honduras, at Escuela de Gastronomia Hernando Moreno. While the owners of Potrillos Mexican Grill do not have any previous connections to Carlinville, they are very happy with the town thus far.

“We started thinking like last year, talking about owning our own business, but didn’t really know for sure what to do because of Covid, you know? So we decided to come to visit and saw it was a very nice town and the people looked very friendly, and we found this beautiful restaurant location right here.”

The goals of Potrillo’s Mexican Grill are admirable. “We try to be the best place in town, to create the best place where people can feel at home, and not just in a restaurant. They can be friends, or can be a big family here. We want to create jobs too, we want to hire local people, we want to give something back to the town too, so those are our goals,” A. Sagastume explained.

When asked what their most special dish was, he added, “For us every plate is special, we make every plate with the best quality as possible, the whole menu is special.” Favorite dishes so far have been the El Toreado, which is grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, and bacon served on a bed of rice and covered with cheese dip, and Arroz Con Pollo, which features grilled chicken served with rice, cheese dip and three tortillas.

A full bar is available with daily drink specials.

The restaurant’s menu is on their Facebook page and they accept to go orders as well as dining in person. The restaurant’s hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturday’s. Their phone number is 217-716-2253.