Park Board talks safety at Loveless

Park Board talks safety at Loveless

There are a number of concerns that have the Carlinville Park Board a bit worried about safety at Loveless Park.

At Thursday’s meeting, one of the last items discussed was about Loveless Park and how people can help enforce the park rules and regulations.

Park Board Administrator Regie Byots read a Facebook post she had written on the Park Board’s Facebook Page.

She starts by discussing the signs and why the signs are posted and frustrated by the number of people who ignore them. Also of concern is the No Smoking policy which is broken every time there is some sort of event.

“We are setting examples for our children. Second hand smoke is very dangerous to everyone. The only way to fully protect everyone from it is to prohibit smoking in our parks. Please respect our request. This doesn’t mean go stand beside your vehicle either. It is a Smoke Free campus that means absolutely NO SMOKING anywhere,” Byots’ statement said.

Keeping cars off the grass and no parking on this side signs are not being followed, either.

The safety of the children playing near roads where the speed limit isn’t being followed is of the utmost concern.

The city of Carlinville Public Safety committee looked at reinstating speed humps back in the park at a meeting several weeks ago. Park Board members plan on attending a future city council meeting and addressing the issue.

“I have witnessed numerous times people running the stop signs and driving extremely fast through Loveless Park. PLEASE slow down we have precious children running around especially this specific time of year with soccer practices/games and cross country as well. There are so many times little ones run out to chase a soccer ball that has went in the road do you think that they are constantly thinking about the traffic flow that is going in and out while they are excited and distracted. My fear is that a driver will not be paying attention as well. So please SLOW DOWN. If you are in such a hurry don’t use Loveless Park as your short cut,” Byots said on the Facebook update page.

The park board also discussed possibly doing some upgrades at Loveless Park, though nothing was voted upon. There is some interest money from Randall Loveless that is designed for Loveless Park repairs and upkeep. More discussion to come.

Park Board President Larry Smith addressed the board about the purchase of an ADA Comination Swing for the handicapped. It would include a molded swing seat for children in one bay, and an adult wheelchair pull system in the other bay.

After discussion, it was voted upon to purchase one to be located at Loveless Park in a undetermined place.

The Children’s Care Corp would pay of half of the expenses. Cost of the ADA Combination swing is $2,391 plus shipping.

The board approved the purchase of a bucket for the tractor at a cost of $1533. The current bucket is in dire need of being replaced. The bucket would have a removable plate so yo can use both sides. The life expectancy of this should be many years.

The board tabled any motion on puchasing a new lawn mower. The current lawn mower has some issues and needs to be repaired or replaced. At this time, the board will look at possible financing options and will discuss it at a later date.

Smith took the time to thank maintanance workers James Foster, Randy Link and Byots on the condition of the parks.

“We are taking baby steps,” Smith said. “This is part of the baby steps is getting the equipment and getting a handicapped swing. The equipment we have haven’t been updated in years. In the future we are going to have our parks all brought up thanks to James (Foster), Randy (Link) and Regie (Byots). Regie oversees all this and she gets out there and works right with them.”

The park board will be looking at getting measurments and some quotes on building a new pavillion at Denby Park. A determination as to what will take place will occur after getting more information.