Macoupin’s active COVID-19 cases at 85

Macoupin’s active COVID-19 cases at 85

The Macoupin County Health Department reported a total of 143 confirmed positive cases as of Aug. 3 at 7 p.m. This includes 85 active cases (in which the individuals are isolated); 54 individuals who have recovered and four deaths.

Of the 85 active cases there are two males in their 80s, two females in their 70s, three males in their 60s, four females in their 60s, four males in their 50s,  seven females in their 50s, nine males in their 40s, seven females in their 40s, six males in their 30s, six females in their 30s, 13 males in their 20s, 11 females in their 20s, four females under age 20, five males under age 20 and two males under age five.

A total of 10,092 have been tested in Macoupin County and none are presently hospitalized.

The number of those quarantined (patients with a confirmed exposure to a positive case of COVID-19) is at 167.

Zip codes in Macoupin County with more than five confirmed positive COVID-19 cases include:

62012 (Brighton and surrounding areas, 2,517 households): 28

62626 (Carlinville and surrounding area, 3,404 households): 31

62088 (Staunton and surrounding areas, including portions of Macoupin and Madison counties): 17

62069 (Mt. Olive, Lake Kaho, White City, 1,391 households): 13

62033 (Gillespie, Dorchester, 1,988 households): 13

62014 (Bunker Hill, 1,576 households): 13

62690 (Virden, 1,450 households): 9

62640 (Girard, 1,487 households): 7

The MCPHD reminds residents that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Individuals are encourgaed to wear masks, wash their hands social distance and clean often.