Lions Club crown Braylee Gilmore as 2021 queen

Lions Club crown Braylee Gilmore as 2021 queen

The Lions Club queen’s court from left, are Ashley Aubin escorted by Jeff Nejmanowski, Caroline Gibbel escorted by Ethan Gibbel, 2020 Lions Queen Lexi Dawson escorted by Kyle Bloome, 2021 Lions Queen Braylee Gilmore escorted by Jack Stayton, first runner-up Caylee McDaniels escorted by Chance Pointer, second runner-up Briana Sanchez escorted by Caden Barkley, and Lauren Summers escorted by Cameron Strubbe. Photo provided.


The 77th year of the Lions Carnival featured a fish and corn dog drive through food stand on Sept. 10 and Sept. 11 due to concerns with COVID. The Queen coronation was held on Sept. 11 at 3:30 p.m. Mark Dugger was the master of ceremonies for the queen coronation.

The Lions Queen for 2021 was Braylee Gilmore with Caylee McDaniels being first runner-up and Briana Sanchez second runner-up.

The 2021 Lions queen candidates were Ashley Aubin, daughter of Ricky and Diana Aubin, who was escorted by Jeff Nejmanowski, son of Donna Wise and Mike Nejmanowski.

Caroline Gibbel, daughter of Chris and Erica Gibbel, was escorted by her brother Ethan Gibbel.

Braylee Gilmore, daughter of Michael and Robin Gilmore, was escorted by Jack Stayton, son of Aaron and Laura Stayton.

2020 Lions Queen Lexi Dawson, daughter of Allen and Leslie Dawson, was escorted by Kyle Bloome, son of Mark and Julie Bloome.

Caylee McDaniels, daughter of Scott and Niki McDaniels was escorted by Chance Pointer, son of Joe and Amy Pointer.

Briana Sanchez, daughter of Tony and Shalena Maberry, was escorted by Caden Barkley, son of Brad and Jessica Barkley.

Lauren Summers, daughter of Pete Summers and Pam Winsel, was escorted by Cameron Strubbe, son of Chad and Jennifer Strubbe.

The girls raised $26,000 by selling raffle tickets with the proceeds going to benefit many local charities in the Carlinville area.

The winners of the raffle tickets drawing were Lacy Walton, $100; Rhenn Stayton, $200; Tammy List, $300.