Learn through trivia 6-13-19

Learn through trivia 6-13-19

1.Flag Day

Just a reminder, trivia recognizes small pieces of information that helps to make a more complete picture. If you don’t know an answer do a little research this is what keeps the brain active and makes trivia more fun.

Here we go:

1. When was the flag of the U.S. adopted?

2. How many stars were on the Flag after Alaska became a state? (I used Alaska because I remembered talking about this in my Calumet High School Civics Class (Sr. Year).

3. What does a half-mast flag refer to?

4. What seamstress is widely credited with creating the first U.S. flag?

5. What is the reason for National Flag Day?

For the answers, visit “opinion” tab on enquirerdemocrat.com


1. June 14, 1777

2. 49

3. A Flag flying on a ship.

4. Betsy Ross

5. To commemorate the adoption of the flag