Learn through trivia 4-25-19

Learn through trivia 4-25-19

What is a nickname?  “A familiar or humorous name given in this case to a person as well as their real name.” I have one do you? Mine is hardlo. Where did it come from?  I don’t know. We are going to give you in this case five famous nicknames and ask what was the persons name.

1. The Great Bambino

2. The Bard of Avon

3. Peekaboo Girl

4. The King of the Cowboys

5. His Airness

Some of the above are easier some harder to answer. If you don’t know them do some digging or research. Trivia research may help us to stay mentally fit and help keep our brain in good shape.


1. Babe Ruth

2. William Shakespeare

3. Veronica Lake

4. Roy Rogers

5. Michael Jordan