Lake Hollow Minor subdivision approved for full board approval

Lake Hollow Minor subdivision approved for full board

A subdivision northwest of Mount Olive was voted upon and okayed by the General Adminisrative Committee Thursday night to be taken to the full Macoupin County Board for approval.

Lake Hollow Minor subdivision would be comprised of four lots, with Anthony Silvester as the subdivider.

Silvester has a residence on Lot 2 of 4 proposed plots of land for the new subdivision. It is located on South Panther Creek Road in the Cahokia Township part of the county. A total of around 10 acres encompasses the project.

Lot 1 is 2.3 acres, lot 2, which is Silvester’s residence, is 1.9 acres. Lot 3 has 1.9 acres and lot 4 has 3 acres.

An additional five acres of land north of the four proposed lots will not be touched at this time.

With all the proper entities in order and a letter from the county engineer saying he had reviewed the process, the board voted to send it to the full county board for full approval Tuesday night.

A representative fom the Public Health Department, as well as E-911’s Aaron Shipley and county clerk Pete Duncan all acknowledged the necessary work was in order to provide the go-ahead for the Lake Hollow subdivision.

The lots will all have access to a nearby pond when construction is completed on the four units.

Duncan and Supervisor of Assessments John Bresnan discussed the timing of property tax mailing.

Duncan said he has been questioned by board members about why the tax bills are mailed later than normal.  He added that the county clerk’s office finishes about a month after the Supervisor of
Assessment has finished its process of the tax bills.

In 2015, it was completed May 26, and completed June 13 in Duncan’s office. That was late compared to other years. In 2014, Bresnan’s office completed it on April 17 with Duncan’s office finishing on May 18. In 2013, the supervisor of assessments office finished April 17 with the county clerk finishing on May 15.

Bresnan said that his office is about 2 1/2 to three months ahead of schedule than last year for getting the property taxes completed.

With the recent passing of Bruce Pitchford in the Supervisor of Assessment’s office, there is a need to post the position of a tax assessor.

Bresnan said it will be tough to replace Pitchford but will begin to post for the position and go over qualified applicants for the position.

Among the qualifications for the position, Bresnan noted, the individual must be well-educated and have some sort of experience with legal descriptions and real estate information. The ideal candidate would also be a people person and have a good knowledge of technology.

Duncan advised the committee about the land and vital record software update for the county. He announced that it went online Aug. 31 and are currently 25 percent under budget. Original start-up costs were estimated to be at $190,000. All of it was paid through special funds.

Duncan added over the next couple months the new system will be saving the county some “serious bucks.”

“We’re all very happy with the system,” Duncan said. “For sure were saving some serious bucks compared to what we could have been spending.”

By the time February or March  rolls around, with all the scanning going on, Duncan hopes all the documents recorded in the county will be available online.

“It’s going well – it’s a totally new office here before long,” Duncan said.