Karla’s Jewelry closing is a gem worth noting

Karla’s Jewelry closing is a gem worth noting

THE ISSUE: For over a century, Carlinville has a full service jewelry business.

OUR VIEW: Karla’s Jewelry has continued this tradition for over 30 years.

Karla’s Jewelry on the Carlinville square has been an important part of the Carlinville business community for 30 years since Karla Denby established the business in 1988. A full-service jewelry store, Karla offered an extensive selection of bridal jewelry, many colors of precious gemstones, sterling silver, baby jewelry, just to name a few. Repairs, resizing, and a host of other services completed her offerings.

Karla’s business has always had a certain ambience of elegance, and certainly Karla herself was part of this elegance. Her petite stature, meticulous appearance, and gentile manners complimented the beauty and grace that abounded within her establishment.

Just imagine the countless intended engagements that Karla had an important part in. The selection of such a piece of jewelry befitting the occasion is a challenging task but many customers felt at ease having the benefit of Karla’s knowledge of the industry and meeting her customer’s satisfaction were always her first priority. Her calm and welcoming manner could ease the most anxious and nervous fiancée. And then, once a proposal was solidified, back the now calmer fiancée returned, oftentimes with their beloved, to choose a fitting wedding ring. 

Typical of many business owners in a small community, Karla knew her customers by their names and they were a part of the fabric of her business that she built and nurtured throughout the past 30 years and over many generations. She was an integral part of many of the most joyous parts of their lives and she treasured the opportunity to not only be of service, but be a part of their lives, making and sharing many fond memories over the years.

Karla’s hospitality was a hallmark of her business. Her warm and welcoming demeanor in greeting those she knew and those she hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting gave visitors to her store a sense of comfort while searching for just the right piece of jewelry or gift item. An active supporter of community events, Karla made certain her business was always well represented in activities that supported Carlinville and surrounding communities.

While an exact date for Karla’s closing has yet to be determined, the gem of the Carlinville square will not soon be forgotten when it closes its doors for the last time. We extend our best wishes to Karla and her family for the investment and faithful service, exquisite merchandise, and continued commitment to our community that has been a hallmark since it opened in 1988.