Illinois sees dramatic decline in influenza cases during flu season

Illinois sees dramatic decline in influenza cases during

The positive test rate for influenza has decreased dramatically during this year’s cold and flu season, dropping from over 20 percent to 2.3 percent. Health officials have credited COVID-19 guidelines and precautions for playing a major role in flattening this curve. Photo courtesy of DTU Bioengineering.

Collective positive

influenza test rate drops from 20

percent to 2.3 percent


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COVID-19 did quite a bit of damage during this year’s cold and flu season. However, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention officials, the total number of influenza-related cases decreased dramatically – so much so that the well-known sickness was being classified as relatively ‘non-existent.’

Officials were bracing themselves for a ‘twin-demic’ – in other words, a pandemic involving both coroavirus and flu outbreaks. Incredibly, the data never clarified initiation of a dilemma that was expected to occur.

Recently, the CDC reported that influenza activity was “currently low” in both the U.S. and other global areas. This news was shocking to many, especially following the previous cold and flu season that was one of the worst overall.

The main purpose of wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing was to flatten the COVID-19 curve, but these safety guidelines additionally played a major role in dropping the positive influenza test rate from over 20 percent to 2.3 percent.

Officials from the World Health Organization branch additionally reported last December that this had been happening due to COVID-19 mutating at a much slower rate than seasonal influenza.

World numbers have led many to believe that COVID-19 vaccinations appear to be just as effective against new and future strains, but more research will be needed for further clarification, according to the CDC.

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