Hagaman once hosted ‘revised county fair’

Hagaman once hosted ‘revised county fair’


Oh, how a century makes a difference.

Little Hagaman had some pretty big events in the early 1900’s according to a poster brought into our office last week from Ken Baggett of Carlinville. Dated for a Wednesday, Aug, 4, 1915 event at McAliney’s Park “on the Banks of the Bann,”

According to the poster, the Hagaman Picnic was a “revised edition of the Macoupin County Fair.” With all the events listed, it must have been quite an event back in the days when four-wheel motorized transportation was quickly replacing horse and buggies.

“Come in your thousands and enjoy a magnificent day in the beautifully wooded velly of Macoupin County,” the poster read. “Where the Indians of old danced and sung their war songs beneath those beautiful sturdy oaks.”

“The echo of the picnic of last year is still ringing in our ears but it will be lost in oblivion by the one to be held Aug. 4, 1915,” it continued.

Hagaman’s one-day picnic celebration was a day filled with all kinds of activities as Frank L. Costello served as the Grand Marshall while George Solomon of Hettick served as president of the judging committee while cakes and fruit were judged by Mrs. Pitman, president of the Domestic Science Club of Western Mound.

The program started off with judging of the Best Cake at 9:30 a.m., with the winner taking home a $1 casserole, donated by a man from Chesterfield. A rocking chair went to the person who had the best half-dozen jars of canned fruit and things like the Best Graded Colt and the best Mare were judged.

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