City passes ordinance allowing golf carts, UTVs on city streets

City passes ordinance allowing golf carts, UTVs on

By: Chris Best

Enquirer~Democrat contributor

At Monday’s City Council meeting an ordinance was passed amending Chapter 24 of the Motor Vehicle Code to allow golf carts and Utility Task Vehicles to be driven on city streets with the proper licensing and registration. The decision was passed 6-1 with Doug Downey dissenting and Sarah Oswald absent.

The new ordinance allows a person 21 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart or UTV that has been registered with the city of Carlinville. The vehicle must be insured and the operator must be able to produce proof of this insurance when operating the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle may not exceed 25 miles per hour while in operation and may only be driven during daylight hours while weather conditions and visibility are optimal. As in all motor vehicles, seat belts are required to be worn by the driver and all passengers. It will still be illegal to drive these vehicles on Illinois Routes 4 and 108, as these fall under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation, and it will also be forbidden to drive on any street with a posted speed limit above 30 miles per hour.   

Police Chief David Haley asked that anyone interested in registering their golf cart or UTV wait at least one month before applying so that the proper paperwork can be produced.

Intergovernmental agreements

Also passed this meeting was a resolution for an intergovernmental agreement between Carlinville Community Unit No. 1 School District and the city of Carlinville regarding reciprocal reporting of criminal offenses committed by students. The agreement will allow law enforcement to be informed of illegal activities that students are observed conducting and will also inform the school district if a student has been arrested or caught engaging in illegal activity. This information will be confidential.

A similar intergovernmental agreement between the two previously mentioned entities was passed instating a school resource officer program.

Effective immediately, Officer Patrick Wills will serve as a school resource officer. The school district will compensate the police department for use of the officer, who is intended to be of assistance to the school district as needed while giving students friendly interactions with a member of the police force.

At the request  of Haley, members of the Council unanimously voted to hire two full-time police officers, one to fill in for Wills while he is working with the schools, and the other to replace Asa Bentley after his resignation last month.     

IARWC update

Dan Held gave a brief update on the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company project. Due to the dampness of the ground in the flood plains, the test wells for project have still not been drilled. The fledgling water company is waiting for the ground to freeze or dry up so that process can begin. In the meantime, they are working on other projects like land purchases for the site and easements in order to keep the process going.

On the city’s part, engineering has begun. They are still trying to decide the best path of connection for the new line to the existing eight inch and 10 inch lines, complicated by details such as land ownership and efforts to minimize any major interference with local wildlife ecosystem.

Public comment

Joy Duncan spoke during the time for public comment to request aid from the city to establish a means for  recycling in Carlinville. Duncan is a long time advocate of recycling who owned We Care Recycling, the former recycling facility in Carlinville, with her husband Randy Duncan before it closed down last year. She asked the Council if they could work together with the county, state or federal governments, local businesses, Blackburn College or any other willing entities to help provide recycling opportunities for Carlinville.

“We have people that have asked us ever since we closed, ‘What are we supposed to do?’ And I have to say, ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t have any place to take mine now. We can’t go to Montgomery County anymore because they’re closed as well.”


The City Council granted permission for Mary Bloomfield and Dean DeVries to use the gazebo on the Carlinville Square for their wedding ceremony. The couple will have the gazebo reserved on July 18, 2020 from 3 until 5 p.m.

The Macoupin County Cruisers were granted permission to hold their annual car show Saturday, July 25, 2020. The event helps to raise funds for an as of yet to be determined charity. Last year, more than $10,000 was raised for the Macoupin Military Support Group. The South and East blocks leading into the square will be closed off for the event, South Broad and East Main respectively.

City Council meeting changes

The next City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. instead of its normal third Monday position in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Feb. 17 meeting has also been pushed back to Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. in observance of Presidents’ Day.