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Learn Through Trivia 2 – 14 – 19

The trivia topic today is Valentine’s Day. You will be taking a stroll down the Valentine Walkway […]

Learn through Trivia 2-21-19

The Academy Awards are coming on Feb. 24. I feel it is appropriate we should have one […]

Hagaman once hosted ‘revised county fair’

BY: TIM EVANS Oh, how a century makes a difference. Little Hagaman had some pretty big events in […]

Learn through Trivia 1-31-19

Jan. 4 was National Trivia Day. We are celebrating the fact that January contained National Trivia Day […]

The end of an era

Dear Editor, It is truly the end of an era. Four kids raised in a small grocery […]

Battling adversity: a testimony of spiritual strength

Are you down on yourself? Do you feel defeated because luck wasn’t on your side during a […]

Karla’s Jewelry closing is a gem worth noting

THE ISSUE: For over a century, Carlinville has a full service jewelry business. OUR VIEW: Karla’s Jewelry has continued […]

Learn through Trivia

Jan. 4, as you may or may not have known, was National Trivia Day. We will be […]

When small businesses close, shoppers lose a choice

THE ISSUE: The closure of Carl’s IGA is another step in the ever-changing landscape of Macoupin County’s businesses.  OUR VIEW: Consumers […]

Beginning a new journey in life

BY: TIM EVANS Last week, I began a new journey in life.  As the new general manager of […]