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Letter to the Editor: Dan Hauter

To the Editor: The board of directors of the Macoupin County Historical Society has decided to cancel […]

Letter to the Editor – Dan Hauter

To the Editor: The Board of Directors of the Macoupin County Historical Society has unanimously agreed to […]

Letters to the Editor – David Smith

To the Editor: The petty partisan criticisms of the Trump Administration by political leaders who only seem […]

Letter to the Editor – Wayne Lela

To the Editor: The Illinois General Assembly is considering SB 2762, nicknamed the “Reach Act.”  One of […]

Letter to the Editor – Rich Minster

To the Editor: I just read in the Springfield paper an article about helping small, local businesses […]

Letter to the Editor – Rosie Kukowski

To the Editor: Not having Facebook to vent my anger, I take to pen and paper. When […]

Put politics on hold

The issue: In today’s pandemic crisis, the biggest issue is getting aid to help individuals. Our view: […]

Trivia for the week of 1-16-2020

Jan. 4 was National Trivia Day. This week’s trivia will give readers a sample of the types  […]

Trivia for Jan. 2, 2020

New Year’s Eve Here are a few key points about the beginning of the New Year from […]

Trivia 12-26-19

This is a continuation of the Christmas Song I from earlier this month. The songs add a […]