Carlinville City Pool vandalized

Carlinville City Pool vandalized

The Carlinville City Pool house was vandalized by unknown individual(s) last week. The Carlinville Police Department was called in and further investigations are being conducted. A $1000 reward is available for public members that can provide additional information regarding the incident. Photo courtesy of the Carlinville Park District Facebook page.


Pool will not  re-open until Summer 2022

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In the middle of last week, unknown individual(s) vandalized the Carlinville City Pool house.

The Dippin’ Dots machine had been leveled, there was debris scattered all over the floor and the attic had been broken into with the ladder left pulled down.

The Carlinville Police Department was called in to check out the scene June 11.

“We understand everyone’s frustration with our pool not opening but to break in and destroy our pool house is completely disgusting and disappointing,” Carlinville Park District Administrator Regie Byots said in a Facebook post. “We work hard to provide the best for our community and so much goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. Nobody realizes what we do daily for our parks.”

On the same day of the initial investigation, Carlinville queens Sara Weise, Alyssa Carriker and Braylee Frankford reported to the scene to clean up the mess.

“We can not thank our royalty enough,” Byots said. “I received a text message right after I posted about the vandalism telling me that the girls would be there shortly to help. These ladies went above and beyond. They were a blessing in disguise. Their crowns not only represent their beauty and grace but also their sincere appreciation and commitment to our community.”

The crime occurred sometime between June 8 and June 9.

The incident is awaiting further investigation.

Byots said that there was a $1000 reward for any additional information that the public could pass on to the police department.

Carlinville City Pool will not re-open until Summer 2022

May 31 would have been the typical opening day for the Carlinville City Pool, but it was instead announced that the facility was going to remain closed until next summer.

Although demolition of the old pool was completed on time last year, approval of the new rendition was delayed by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which officially ended with the lifting of all limitations June 11.

“The good news is that after countless hours of conversations behind the scenes, we finally recieved our approval to move forward with the construction of the new pool just last week,” Byots said. “The bad news is, with construction starting months behind schedule, we will not be able to open for the 2021 summer season.”

The new Carlinville City Pool will feature a splash pad, zero-entry area, group and private swim lessons, private pool party rentals, gutter system with bench seating, updated concessions and extended evening hours.

“Rest assured, there will be a lot to look forward to when we open again,” Byots said. “We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. We can’t wait to see you at the new pool next summer.”