Carlinville Board of Education puts emphasis on teacher salary pay

Carlinville Board of Education puts emphasis on teacher

0.75% increase

effective for 2021-22


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

Recently, the Carlinville Community Unit School District No. 1 Board of Education and the Carlinville Education Association agreed to a revised contract that will be providing educational staff members with payment salary increases in the future.

“I think we work really closely with the union and the teachers,” said Carlinville Superintendent of Schools Becky Schuchman. “We didn’t make a whole lot of changes to the contract but that is because we all work very well together. We’re excited. It’s for three years so that will help us with long-term planning. This will be good for everybody.”

“I think this was a collaborative effort on both sides of the table,” said union president Chad Easterday. “I think this benefits us first and I think it also helps us just in getting a three-year contract. This process doesn’t have to be done until then. This isn’t a negative process in any way, shape or form. It will allow discussions and we can concentrate on learning environment and many other things.”

Teachers who own a bachelor’s degree will start at a base pay of $40,135 with an increase alternating between three and four percent over the course of the first 10 steps of the salary schedule. After that, the rotation will shift from four to five percent. A $500 longevity lump sum increase will be added for those who have been at maximum figures in this column for at least one year. Those with a bachelor’s degree who put in more than 20 hours will have $200 added for each four semesters and a $1,000 maximum.

“They’re used to having friends over and playing games. What they need to do is start going to bed early about a week before school to get back into that routine. Eating breakfast in the morning in important. Reading a little and brushing up with math flash cards will help them get back into the groove of learning.

“Parents who don’t already have day care set up should start thinking about that and about after-school programs,” Card said.  “Getting school physicals is important, going over their schedule if the students have it yet.

“Another thing for parents, if their kids are having any issues over the summer or anything they need to talk to their school counselor about, this would be a good time for the parents either to call or come in or make an appointment to discuss any problems the kids might be having.”