CAH Commemorative Bricks available for purchase

CAH Commemorative Bricks available for purchase


For the 10th year in a row, the Carlinville Area Hospital Auxiliary is inviting area residents to order their commemorative, etched bricks that adorn the flag-pole-centered patio near the hospital’s main entrance. Every year since the program began as an Auxiliary fundraiser to support the new facility, the public has been able to order the bricks to commemorate some special person, place, organization or other entity. The cost of each brick is $125, the same price it has been for the last 10 years.

The etching allows for 20 characters in each of three stacked lines. Blank spaces, hyphens, periods, paren marks and other punctuation count toward the 20-character limit.

While the bricks can be ordered at any time during the year, the Auxiliary places the orders only twice, once at the end of June and again at the end of December. Bricks ordered before this June 30 deadline will be delivered to the hospital and placed in the patio during late summer or early autumn. Close to 400 of the commemorative bricks have been set into the patio since its creation in 2011. There is still room for another 75 or so.

“Bricks that were ordered back in December were delivered and placed in the patio two weeks ago,” said program coordinator Judy Minster. “The bricks are slightly smaller than a traditional brick and a sandy/limestone color rather than rust/red. Anyone can stop by to see the commemorative patio at any time; just look for the flagpole to the right of the main entrance. If someone is considering ordering a brick, they can get an idea of what they want by checking out the patio to see the size, shape, and color of the bricks, as well as the kind of messages that past purchasers have requested.”

Minster explained that the messages on the existing bricks are as diverse as the people who order them. “Some people buy them as gifts for special occasions, as memorial tributes to recently deceased family or friends, as recognition or congratulations for special achievements, as advertising for a business, or simply as community support by listing family names or civic organizations.”

To order one or more commemorative bricks, simply fill out a brief application form available at various Carlinville businesses and shops or call Judy Minster at 217-854-6663. She can answer questions, take an order on the phone and, if necessary, help fit a message into the three-line, 20-character format. Whether by completed application form or phone order, send checks payable to CAH Auxiliary to Minster at 503 E. First North St., Carlinville. When the etched bricks are delivered to the hospital, each one comes with a miniature souvenir version that can be picked up at the hospital or, on request, delivered to buyers who live in Carlinville.

Proceeds from the brick sales go to the CAH Auxiliary, which in turn uses the money to support the hospital, both of which are non-profit organizations.