Williams crowned Miss Carlinville 2018

Williams crowned Miss Carlinville 2018

By Eric Becker

CARLINVILLE (April 12, 2018) – All the preparation for Saturday’s Carlinville Queen Pageant came down to one night. For two hours at the Carlinville High School gymnasium, 20 young ladies put on a show for those in attendance.

After the final vote, Madelyn Williams, Sara Wiese and Charlee Steward heard their names called as 2018 winners of Miss Carlinville, Junior Miss Carlinville and Little Miss Carlinville.

With a backdrop of New York City’s skyline on stage, the 20 contestants competed in the three categories looking to be crowned as queen.

There were six competing in the Miss Carlinville competition, with reigning queen Taylor Daugherty handing over her title to Williams.

Williams, a senior at Carlinville High School, competed against Shailey Park, Raiven Stieglitz, Patty Walch, Alexandra Casey and Ryleigh Gibbel.

Casey was the first runner-up and Park was the second runner-up.  Walch was named Miss Congeniality.

“It’s pretty incredible – I’m still shaking,” Williams said moments after the pageant ended. “It went by very fast and it was also exhilarating. I love being on stage and I was able to showcase that, I think. It was a great night. I am looking forward to going to all the events and representing my town,” Williams added.

All six contestants had to give a one-minute speech on a topic of their choosing.

For Williams, it was an emotional speech focusing on her hearing problems at an early age.

“Actually, my ability to hear didn’t come until age five,” Williams said in her speech. “I just boarded an elevator with my parents. The doors began to close and my heart stopped. What was making such a loud sound? I looked to my mom in panic. She assured me they were nothing more than the sounds of an elevator.”

Moments earlier, Williams had received a new purple hearing aid. She walked outside and heard sounds she’d never heard before.

Ten years later, Williams had her first cochlear implants activated. She heard her mother’s voice ask her if she could hear her voice.

“Yes, mama, I can hear you. Her voice was rich and charismatic, just as I’d always imagined. But never actually heard.”

After Williams’ experiences, she is hoping to open a world of experiences to children like herself.

“Because of my introduction, I have made it my passion to open up a world of sound to children like me with hearing loss. As an educator for the deaf, I will help teach these children to navigate the hearing world,” Williams said.

All the contestants were asked the same question on stage before the winners were announced.

Miss Carlinville contestants were asked if you given $5000 as Miss Carlinville and had to spend it locally, how would you spend it?

“I would give it to the athletic department at Carlinville High School in order to pay for some of the kids to be able to a part of sporting events  or extracurricular activities, but can’t pay for either the event or the uniforms,” Williams said.

Junior Miss Competition

Wiese had competition from seven others – including Alyssa Carriker, Ryleigh Hunt, Chloe Velasquez, Maddie Lourance, Lissa Bennett, Rileigh Dunlap and Paizley Chingman.

Miss Congeniality went to Chingman. Third runner-up was Velasquez; second-runner-up was Dunlap and Hunt was the first runner-up.

Reigning queen Avery Boatman presented the crown.

“It’s really overwhelming, but exciting,” Wiese said. “I was nervous at first, but then it just got easier as it went on. I’m looking forward to meeting all of the different people and just seeing everybody at different events.”

The eight Junior Miss Contestants had to answer a question on stage, which was: If you could take a judge to any restaurant in town, where would it be and what would you order?

Five of the eight respondents said Nick’s Pizza, with pepperoni pizza being a favorite by the contestants.

Little Miss Carlinville

This year’s winner of the Little Miss Carlinville competition was Charlee Steward.

She competed alongside Mattie Norris, Alli Rhodes, Tinslee McDaniel, Ashlynn Gooding and Kinley Dunn. The reigning queen is Claire Vinyard.

First runner-up was Norris, and McDaniel finished second runner-up. In addition, McDaniel’s name was drawn for the raffle of a Power Wheels Princess Carriage.

The Little Miss competition included a dress-up where the competitors came out dressed as what they want to be when they grew up.

Norris came out as a veterinarian; Rhodes was a fashion designer; McDaniel a dentist; Gooding a gymnastics teacher; Steward a Cavalette dance team member; and Dunn as The Tooth Fairy.

This was the 14th Carlinville Queen Pageant. Three of the previous winners for Miss Carlinville were also winners of Miss Macoupin County.

Judges included Suzanne Cowman, Bethany Rademaker and Roger Brand. The pageant committee consisted of Pageant Director Ashley Vinyard, Miranda White, Tamika Oswald, Kalie Boente and Katie Thomas.

BJ Vinyard was emcee for the event, while Makayla Proctor, Molly Lewis and Alex Boles sang the National Anthem.