Why I write for the Write Team

Why I write for the Write Team

Writing is my voice when I cannot speak.  Frequently, while in conversations, I find myself searching for just the right words to share what is on my mind.  My spoken words become unfinished thoughts like a string of white pearls; cascading words that trail off into incomplete sentences.

Writing becomes a way for others to hear what I want to say, what I need to say, and what is important to me. Writing identifies who I am and what I believe.  Writing speaks words from my mind, expressing on paper, what I think and what rolls through my head. Writing offers the opportunity for me to share my thoughts about interests, and topics that I am passionate about that are easily drowned out by other voices, who dominate conversations. Writing expresses my heart’s desires, wants and needs. Writing can be therapeutic that provides a better sense of understanding. As a reader and an educator, writing becomes an extension of my passion for the love of the written word.

Writing articles for the Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat provides many opportunities to share my love of the written word and hone my skills as a writer.  My writing tool box grows with this fortuity, as I share thoughtful, insightful, educational articles with the community. I feel connected to the readers and hope that readers feel some connection and value with the subject matter that I write about. Since my family and I recently moved to Macoupin County, from San Antonio, Texas, it is important for me to be a part of our community. Being a member of The Write Team has offered me that sense of belonging as I feel accomplished knowing that I am giving to our community. I do hope my writing conveys interesting, important words that touch the lives and hearts of others, that truly make a difference. Growing, learning, reading, writing and creating every day is an important message that I want to share with all.

The columns that I write for the Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat are shared with family and friends. I post the published articles on my WordPress blog and my notes on my Facebook account. During the school year, two articles were shared with my students’ parents. The printed copies provided my students and their families with literacy tips to equal success for their child. Many friends, who are teachers, asked for permission to share the educational articles with parents of their students. Feedback from the readers of The Write Team column are positive and encouraging.

Published words on pages of a children’s picture book, is a goal that I want to achieve. I desire to become an author of fiction and nonfiction picture books for boys and girls. It is my quest. As “a writer in progress,” I continue to read, write and create daily. As an aspiring author, my writing is an adventure and a journey. I continue to acquire new knowledge as I hone the craft of writing quality literature for kids. It is a learning curve that requires perseverance.

I write picture book stories to share and add value to the lives of children, just as I hope I do when scribing for The Write Team. Enriching young minds, with published books, is a goal that I strive for.  My motivation is to provide new learning, understanding, entertainment and laughter for kids. But most of all, I dream of listening to a child’s voice, requesting, “Read it again!  Read it again.”  My motivation is to instill the love of reading in the hearts and minds of kids.

As a Write Team member, I look forward to writing and sharing more words, more thoughts, more interests and more topics that make you, the reader, learn and grow with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to share published articles that make a difference for families in our community.