Water deposits/service charges raised by council

Water deposits/service charges raised by council

CARLINVILLE (April 5, 2018) – By a vote of 4-3, the Carlinville City Council narrowly approved raising water deposit and service charges during Monday’s regular meeting.

Voting against the measure were Beth Toon, Kim Heigert and Randy Bilbruck. Voting for the measure were Cindy Campbell, Elaine Brockmeyer, Sarah Oswald and Doug Downey. Joe Direso was not present for the meeting.

Customer deposits will increase from $150 to $200; the reactivate fee from $25 to $30 and after hours call out fees from $50 to $75.

Toon spoke with a concerned citizen who is also a landlord, about how these might affect them going forward.

Toon wanted to know if there was any way to amend it where landlords could be notified before receiving the water bills. She also thought that raising it to $200 would bring an even bigger hardship on those low-income families who are trying to make ends meet.

“She (landlord) said she could work with the renters, if she knew what was going on, she’d be willing to work with them,” Toon said. “That would help us in the long run.”

“Hopefully, if you raise their deposit, this $200 will cover it to the landlord, is the thinking,” Oswald said.

Jodi Reichmann, the city treasurer,   said it was not up to the city employees to babysit the landlords.

“This isn’t anything new to them, this is something they are use to,” Reichmann said. “We’re not here to babysit. People who have a water bill know they owe it. Landlords know it’s a chance they are taking. They’ve been landlords for years and it’s a constant problem.”

Bilbruck said if it’s that much of an issue, the landlords could take matters into their own hands by raising the security deposits.

Sidewalk bids

The council opened bids for the sidewalk repair project. The city received three bids, from Gillihan Concrete of Edwardsville; D.C. Escavating Services, LLC in Dawson and Quarton Construction in Palmyra.

The bids were handed over to Public Works Director Tim Hasara for review before making any final decision on who will get awarded the project.

Truck bids

Also on Monday, the council opened bids on two trucks the city is selling.

Two bidders sent in their price for a 1997 white Chevrolet truck. Bill Endris of Girard was the high bidder at $697.99. A motion was made to award him the purchase of the truck.

A 1978 Ford dump truck had three bidders. The high bidder was Tommy Eichen of Carlinville, with a bid of $390. A motion was made to award Eichen with the purchase of the dumptruck.

Electrical upgrade

The council voted 7-0 to approve updating the city’s dispatch center with an electrical upgrade.

There is not enough electrical outlets and an upgrade is needed.

Cost of the project is $15,100 and Starr’s Electric will provide the services.

The money will be used from the public lands portion of the budget.

Pubic comment

Among those making public comment Monday night were Illinois Leaks’ John Kraft; Edgar County Watchdogs co-owner Kirk Allen and Robert Bogue, a United States citizen and veteran of the U.S. Army.

Kraft led off by discussing the Freedom of Information Act and the related policies and procedures as it pertains to government activities.

Allen discussed what can be discussed in an open meeting.

Bogue asked the council why he hasn’t received a response from a FOIA request from last April, asking for public information of four questions asked. He said he never received a response from the city.


Placed on file were requests by the Carlinville Elk’s Club and CNB for use of the public square for upcoming events in the coming weeks.