Wall Street Financial now offering free literary workshops

Wall Street Financial now offering free literary workshops

Wall Street Financial Group has teamed up with The Financial Education Partnership, a nonprofit organization offering free, literacy, workshops for communities across the country. Workshops are designed to help individuals learn more about financial issues encountered by everyone in their everyday life and are presented by local industry experts in each community who contribute their time and expertise, at no cost, to businesses, municipalities, churches and nonprofit organizations.

These workshops are educational, entertaining and ideal for a lunch and learn setting. Organizations hosting workshops will benefit by offering valuable information to their employees, members, and volunteers. Those attending will benefit from the opportunity to learn about the important role finances play in their lives.

The Financial Education Partnership is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The workshops are not sales events, and no specific products or companies are endorsed. Wall Street Financial Group has served the local community in the financial sector for over 30 years and is putting effort toward our volunteer work as a return for the communities years of continued support.

Sample Workshop Topics include Financial Missteps, Taxes and the IRS, College Planning 101, 10 Steps to Financial Freedom, Intro to Real Estate, and IRA, TSP and 401K Rollovers.

For more information, Wall Street Financial Group can be contacted at (217) 854-2691.