Trivia for the week of 9-19-19

Trivia for the week of 9-19-19

Here we are near the end of the Baseball Season and I have not touched on Baseball once as a Trivia Topic. I thought why not deal with Baseball Nicknames.

Some of the nicknames. are easier to answer. If you don’t know them do some digging or research. This may help us to stay mentally fit and keep our brain in better shape. It is also part of the fun.

We need the name of the players that had these nicknames.

Here we go:

1. “The Heater from Van Meter.”

2. “Little and Big poison”

3. “Stan the Man”

4.”Old Tomato Face.”

5. “The Human vacuum cleaner.”

6. “Hit’em where they ain’t.”

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1. Bob Feller

2. Lloyd and Paul Waner

3. Stan Musial

4. Gaby Harnett

5. Brooks Robinson

6. Willie Keeler