Trivia for the week of 1-16-2020

Trivia for the week of 1-16-2020

Jan. 4 was National Trivia Day. This week’s trivia will give readers a sample of the types  of Trivia that has been touched on in the last year (2019) for the Enquirer Democrat. I hope you find it interesting. (Some of what follows are easier, and some harder to answer. If you don’t know them do a little research. Trivia research may help us to stay mentally fit and keep our brain in good shape.)

1. What comedian said “People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy”?

2. Who was known as the “Apostle of Ireland”?

3. We are going to give you a famous nickname and ask what was the person’s name? “King of the Cowboys”

4. The most expensive property on a standard Monopoly board is?

5. World Series Hero: A great defensive play was made by this player in the 1954 World Series and is known as the “The Catch “. Who was he?

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Answers….to be posted Jan. 15, 2020 – Daniel W.

1. Bob Hope

2. Saint Patrick

3. Roy Rogers

4. Boardwalk

5. Willie Mays