Trivia Q&A

CARLINVILLE (May 3, 2018) – Beginning this week and appearing twice per month on the editorial page will be a new trivia column written by Harold Strangeman. Harold explained that his interest in trivia is tied together with the various job-related experiences he has had. A veteran of the Armed Forces, Harold was assigned to Germany, which allowed him to tour Europe, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Luxembourg. His work experience includes the Chicago Natural History Museum, Chicago Public Library, and as an instructor at Lake Land College in Mattoon. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Blackburn College and his master of arts degree from Ball State.

My first column is on the subject of National Arbor Day. Trivia can use reason in understanding the world and keeping the brain active. Good luck!

1. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…” who wrote the preceding?

2.Who is the Founder of Arbor Day?

3.What is the purpose of Arbor Day?

4.What is the national tree of the U.S.?

5.When is National Arbor Day celebrated?

Answers for Trivia

1. Joyce Kilmer

2. Julius Sterling Morton established US National Arbor Day

3. To plant trees

4. Oak

5. The last Friday in April