Trivia for August 29 2019

Trivia for August 29 2019

Just a reminder trivia recognizes small pieces of information that helps to make a more complete picture. If you don’t know an answer do a little research this is what makes the brain active and makes trivia more fun.


The year 1950-51 was a turning point in Harold and Eva Strangeman’s life. My mom and dad were moving from a street in Chicago called Normal to one called Peoria. It was Christmas and we were staying at my Grandma’s for a few months prior to the move. She lived on Dobson. At Christmas prior to the move that year I received the game Clue.

We played that game a great deal during the holiday season. One of the players was my sister Barbara who was seven at the time. The mystery, she won seven games in a row. How? In any case we did have fun.

Here we go:

1. What type of game is clue?

2. In what country was the game Clue invented?

3. Clue was originally published in what year?

4. Known as Clue in the U.S. what is it known as outside the U.S?

5. What are some of  the weapons in Clue (name three)

6. Who currently owns and publishes Clue?

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Answers for the Aug. 29, 2019 issue

1. Murder Mystery

2. England

3. 1949

4. Cluedo

5. candlestick, knife, lead pipe, revolver, rope,monkey wrench

6. Hasboro