Trivia answers for Aug. 22, 2019

Trivia answers for Aug. 22, 2019

This set will be dealing with Monopoly. In our family this game went through a number of generations (I’m 77). My cousins and I used to get together on Saturdays and play a complete game. Took about four hours.

My son Chris and his best buddies Jeff and Bob, as I understand it used to go to the local park and play full games themselves. Occasionally, their frustration and wanting to win showed itself. One of the guys tossed the game board over. I guess he was not doing very well.

Here we go!

1. The Monopoly Game was first marketed on a broad scale in what year?

2. What company was responsible for the broad marketing?

3. What company currently markets Monopoly?

4.  The most expensive property on a standard Monopoly board is?

5. What are the two cheapest properties on a standard Monopoly board?

6. Who is the mascot of the game Monopoly?

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1. 1935

2. Parker Brothers

3. Hasboro

4. Boardwalk

5. Mediterranean & Baltic

6. Uncle Pennybags