Learn Through Trivia 2 - 14 - 19

Learn Through Trivia 2 – 14 – 19

The trivia topic today is Valentine’s Day. You will be taking a stroll down the Valentine Walkway and dealing with various aspects of Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day is thought to have come about through what Roman festival?

2. What part did Pope Gelasius play in regard to Valentine’s Day?

3. In the U.S. schools have celebrated Valentine’s Day since? (Hint: Looking for a century.)

4. How many greeting cards will couples exchange during Valentine’s Day according to the National Retail Federation?

5. What flower is associated with Valentine’s Day?

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1. Luprecalia

2. Declared Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day

3. 19th century

4. 190,000,000

5. Rose