Trivia 7-25-19

Trivia 7-25-19

How many of us have played games of one sort or another? For the next three trivia columns we will be dealing with games or puzzles that many of us have played and enjoyed. We often have sensed frustration over them as well. My grandson for instance wants to win every game. If you do not know an answer just do some research as it can be fun and it keeps our brian active.

Here we go:

1. What is said to be the most popular and widespread word game?

2. These word games evolved from?

3. The first known modern, printed, published crossword puzzle appeared in what newspaper?

4. Who was the inventor of the modern crossword?

5. The Wynne’s puzzle was in what shape?

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1. Crossword Puzzles

2. Ancient Word Squares

3. New York Herald

4. Arthur Wynne

5. A diamond