Trivia For 11-28-19

Trivia For 11-28-19

Thanksgiving is Here. What does it mean? To me it means family. Let’s look at various aspects of Thanksgiving.

1. The first Thanksgiving was how many days long?

2. What type of meat was served at Thanksgiving?

3. Edward Wilson Pilgrim Chronicler said the Wampanoag arrived with what type of meat?

4. The editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book convinced who to make Thanksgiving a National Holiday?

(Let’s tackle a few more recent questions.)

5. How many pumpkin pies are eaten on Thanksgiving?

6. Since the first NFL Broadcast in 1934, how often have the Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving?


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1. 3 days

2. Venison

3. 5 deer

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. 50 million

6. Every year.