Township government includes an annual meeting

Township government includes an annual meeting

By Norm Semrock

Guest Columnist

The Illinois Compiled Statues chapter 60-1 contains the Township Code. It requires each civil township to provide three services to its citizens: general assistance, property assessment, and maintenance of township roads and bridges. It also provides for the election of a supervisor, clerk, assessor, road/bridge commissioner, and four trustees whose responsibility is to provide these services. Townships with less than 1,000 inhabitants can combine with other such townships to form multi-township assessment districts, of which there are five in Macoupin County. Each of these five districts elects a common assessor.

The Township Code also requires each township to have an annual town meeting on the second Tuesday of April which all township residents can attend and participate in its proceedings. Carlinville Township’s 2015 annual town meeting was held on Tuesday, April 14, at the Township office, 233 West Main Street in Carlinville.

The elected township board may employ and fix the compensation of township employees that the board deems necessary. Carlinville Township has three employees: a caseworker and two laborers. Each township is also required to keep a written record of its business called the Township Record.

Each township in Macoupin County has at least an elected supervisor, clerk, road/highway commissioner and four trustees, except for the five multi-township assessment districts mentioned previously, 11 townships have their own elected assessor. The name of all these elected township officials are listed by township on the Macoupin County website under “elected township officials.”

Current Carlinville Township elected officials for four year terms in 2013 are Supervisor David Boehm; Clerk Cathy Neunaber, Road/Bridge Commissioner Everett Johnston; Assessor Harold Walker and Trustees Jerry Loveless, Richard Bowman, Robert Ballinger and Mariann Qualls (who was chosen by the Board to replace elected trustee Betty Cioni Willan, who resigned).

Most recent salaries or annual pay for township officials or employees are as follows: Township  supervisor, $22,044; township clerk, $7,716; township road and bridge commissioner, $40,788; township assessor, $22,044; township trustee, $86 per meeting; township caseworker, $29.995; and two township laborers, $34,320 and $27,040 respectively. Neither elected officials nor employees have employer-paid health/dental/life insurance. There is no formal policy regarding paid holidays, paid vacations or paid sick/personal leave for the three employees.

In a future column I will discuss specific information on township revenue, expenses, and financial assets. The next meeting of the Carlinville Township will be held Wednesday, April 22, at 6 p.m. at their office at 223 West Main St., Carlinville.