Where does time go?

Where does time go?

By Eric Becker

The Write Team

CARLINVILLE (March 15, 2018) – Next month, I will have been at the Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat for three years.

The current group of seniors at Carlinville High School were freshmen. I’ve seen them grow up along the way, mainly on the athletic fields and in the gymnasiums  of this great town and county. So this year’s CHS graduation will have an extra special meaning for me as well.

When I first took this position, I did not know how long I would be here or what the future held. In fact, truth be known, I originally quit after the first day because I was worried about my youngest son, who was then four, being taken care of by my fragile father-in-law. He had not yet entered school and well, quite frankly, I was just worried sick.

I wanted to write sports, yet all I was doing sports wise when I first came was attend a couple of track meets and edit submitted stories. I did find that branching out into the news realm of newspapering was a good thing.

It’s never too late to try different things, and covering meetings and writing a lot of stories on  various subjects has been a lot better than I could have imagined.

A lot of good things happened, though, in order for me to stay in this position. The paper’s owner thought I should try working from home for a couple of months until the end of the school year when I first started. That worked out perfect.

Three years later, I’m still here. I admit I usually stayed at a job about three years, I’d say.  Unless circumstances changed and there was nothing I could do about it.

I started journalism in 1995 after graduating from Eastern Illinois, and have been in such nice towns as Albion, Benton, Carlinville, Clinton and Collinsville, Ill. and Blair, Neb.

As you can tell, I’ve lived and/or worked in the A-B-C towns of America.

Even worked retail for five and a half years in Brentwood, Mo. after being layed off from a position in Collinsville. I never thought I could work at one place for over five years, but managed to do so, and in the process met a lot of nice people and found out heavily about the retail and customer service industry.

I always think that putting the customers first is the best way to go.  The only real issue I ever had with anybody had to do with my first job out of college, and that’s because that woman was just not going to see it any other way but her own. Never had an article thrown back in my face, and haven’t had it happen since. LOL

I’ve interviewed 100-year-olds, Olympian athletes, pro football players, mayors, superintendents, great coaches, state government officials, and it all goes back to treating everybody the way that you want to be treated.

Some of the coolest things I have gotten to experience have come here in Carlinville. Whether it be Kelsey Card’s run to the Olympics a couple years ago or the CHS football team’s run to the state title game two years ago, Carlinville truly is a good town with great people.

I’m off to Ohio March 22-25…for a short vacation. Will miss the area soccer tournaments, but hopefully will be back ready to go on this spring sports season. We all need to get away for a couple of days once in a while, and this is a good chance to spend good quality time with my family as we get out of the blah of the STL and visit some friends on the banks of Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio. I expect it to be very cold. I’m not a fan of cold. I will deal with it accordingly just to get a glimpse of something different, however.

I am blessed to be doing what I was meant to be doing right now, and appreciate everybody along the way who helped me get to this point. I also appreciate my family for putting up with my unpredictable schedule and not knowing when I’ll be home.

We all have to  make sacrifices, and I have along the way. Thanks to all you readers for reading this publication. We make mistakes (unintentionally) but we do try to put out the best product possible each week.