Three months later, life is weird

Three months later, life is weird

By Misti Fritz

For the Write Team

CARLINVILLE (May 16, 2018) – This week (Tuesday, specifically) marked three months since I had my gastric bypass surgery, and adjusting to life with a stomach roughly the size of a large egg has been weird, to say the least.

When I last wrote about my surgery after returning to work in March, I mentioned some of the side effects I was having, such as air bubbles causing my stomach to make funny noises, especially when I was chewing gum or after eating or drinking. While I’m relieved to say the noisy air bubbles have mostly subsided, their silent cousins are still sticking around, sometimes causing a heartburn-like sensation until I am able to burp — which I do far more frequently than I used to, though they’re still (thankfully) quiet.

I’m “allowed” to eat most foods now (with the exception of those that are high in sugar, because they’ll cause unpleasant side effects), but sometimes my stomach seems to forget that, because what will go down without a problem one day may cause a nasty little side effect known in bariatric surgery circles as “the slimes” the next, or vice versa. It’s a crapshoot, really. I’m still avoiding foods like pasta, rice, and bread (partially because I know those are things I am prone to overeating and partially because soft white carbs can cause digestive issues), but I’ve gradually added in things like multigrain crackers or wraps, and I have had 100 percent whole wheat toast (which is one of those foods that my stomach cannot decide whether or not it will tolerate). I’ve gone out to eat four times since surgery, with varying levels of success. When out, I mostly eat some variation on grilled chicken and veggies, which is starting to get old, even though chicken is my favorite meat. The air fryer at home has been great fun to experiment with; thanks to it, I was finally able to have some catfish fillets after craving them for nearly a month.

My weight loss has slowed some (to be expected — it’s not realistic to expect to continue losing an average of 10 pounds a week as I did at first), but it’s still going well overall. I’m able to wear some clothes I haven’t worn in a long time, and I cleaned out my wardrobe a week or so ago, setting aside a 55-gallon trash bag of too-big things to donate to Goodwill, including my favorite dress shirt that I was sad to see go into the bag because I haven’t worn it as many times as I would have liked.

I’ve finally started being able to notice changes in my body, especially in my face. One of the weirder ones is a dent on the right side of my abdomen, where it looks almost as if I lost weight from that specific spot all at once. Bodies are strange.