Thirteen Cavaliers receive all-conference football honors

Thirteen Cavaliers receive all-conference football honors

By Jackson Wilson

The number 13 turned out to be a lucky number for the Cavaliers. In addition to leading the conference in total wins this season, Carlinville football was ranked in the top spot in terms of total recipients on the three South Central all-conference teams. Jarrett Easterday, Kyle Dixon, Blaze  Ballowe, Jake Ambuel, Colton DeLong, Matt Schmidt, Rayme Lewis, Jonathon Stilwell, Logan Rosentreter, Cyler McClain, Ethan Wallace, Tucker Hughes and Nick Walton all recieved honors.

Members of the all-conference kicking team included Schmidt (Carlinville; 1st team), Cody Klein (Pana; 2nd team) and Cameron Withers (Vandalia; 3rd team).

Special teams’ honors went to Dixon (Carlinville; 1st team), Bryce Edmiston (Pana; 1st team), Kaden Lemon (Hillsboro; 2nd team) and Alex Fischer (Litchfield; 3rd  team).

The all-conference punting squad consisted of Trevor Seets (Southwestern; 1st team), Easterday (Carlinville; 2nd team) and Landon Carroll (Hillsboro; 3rd team)

The conference’s top offensive lineman were Ballowe (Carlinville; 1st team), Tanner Tomaschke (Greenville; 1st team), Sam Nollman (Pana; 1st team), David Deweese (Staunton; 1st team), Anthony Enlow (Vandalia; 1st team), Stilwell (Carlinville; 2nd team), Adam Boeck (Gillespie; 2nd team),  Landon Malloy (Hillsboro; 2nd team), Izaq Toney (Pana; 2nd team), Erick Roman (Vandalia; 2nd team), McClain (Carlinville; 3rd team), James Corbus (Greenville; 3rd team), Dylan Maxwell (Litchfield; 3rd team), Logan Zeller (Roxana; 3rd team), Jacob Bellitto (Southwestern; 3rd team) and Robert Buffington (Staunton; 3rd team).

Ballowe (Carlinville; 1st team), Jordan Gregg (Hillsboro; 1st team), Nollman (Pana; 1st team), Roman (Vandalia; 1st team), Rosentreter (Carlinville; 2nd team), Dominic Maykopet (Gillespie; 2nd team), Zander Snow (Greenville; 2nd team), Deweese (Staunton; 2nd team), Hughes (Carlinville; 3rd team), Tom Johnson (Gillespie; 3rd team), Logan Cothern (Pana; 3rd team), Drew Huff (Roxana; 3rd team) and Enlow (Vandalia; 3rd team) form the defensive line.

Easterday (Carlinville; 1st team), Matthew Wells (Vandalia; 2nd team) and Jack Armstrong (Pana; 3rd team) were chosen as the conference’s elite quarterbacks.

Dixon (Carlinville; 1st team), Drew Frey (Greenville; 1st team), Cody Klein (Pana; 1st team), Ambuel (Carlinville; 2nd team),  Tyler Grandider (Staunton; 2nd team), Blake Morrison (Vandalia; 2nd team), Isaac Green (Greenville; 3rd team), Edmiston (Pana; 3rd team) and Parris White (Roxana; 3rd team) were selected as the South Central’s most reliable wide recieving targets.

Hunter Matthews (Greenville; 1st team),  Drew Mullenix (Staunton; 1st team), Trevor Smalls (Vandalia; 1st team), Lemon (Hillsboro; 2nd team), Mason Mizeur (Pana; 2nd team), Michael Ilch (Roxana; 3rd team), DeLong (Carlinville; 3rd team), Wallace (Carlinville; 3rd team) and Dominik Taylor (Gillespie; 3rd team) make up the conference’s swiftest running backs.

The all-conference tight end trio includes Gregg (Hillsboro; 1st team), Devin Stroh (Gillespie; 2nd team) and DeLong (Carlinville; 3rd team).

Lewis (Carlinville; 1st team), Boeck (Gillespie; 1st team), Tomaschke (Greenville; 1st team), Mizeur (Pana; 1st team), David Pluester (Roxana; 1st team), Ryan Best (Staunton; 1st team), Billy Gill (Gillespie; 2nd team), Jack Woods (Greenville; 2nd team), Lane Perry (Pana; 2nd team), Zane Ulmer (Vandalia; 2nd team), Liam Dugan (Hillsboro; 3rd team), Edmiston (Pana; 3rd team), Jared Dunnigan (Southwestern; 3rd team) and Lucas Sievers (Staunton; 3rd team) were selected as the all-conference linebackers.

Defensive backs Dixon (Carlinville; 1st team), Matt Kalous (Greenville; 1st team), Grandider (Staunton; 1st team), Morrison (Vandalia; 1st team), Ambuel (Carlinville; 2nd team), Joey Carter (Gillespie; 2nd team), Frey (Greenville; 2nd team), Lemon (Hillsboro; 2nd team), Zaylon Riley (Pana; 2nd team), Walton (Carlinville; 3rd team), Austin Wilburn (Roxana; 3rd team), Tony Dittmaier (Staunton; 3rd team) and Smalls (Vandalia; 3rd team) round out this year’s all-conference roster.