Thank you so much!

To the editor:

The  board of Good Samaritan Ministries/Carlinville Food Pantry would like to thank everyone for their support in 2018! The food pantry continues to see more than 220 families each month. Without the help from the community, there are a lot of families who would not have enough food. Many families are feeling their lives pulled in many directions at this time of year and need help. We really appreciate the many food drives that are held for us throughout the year. We have garden produce in the summer from gardens large and small! And we are grateful for the help that we receive each month from two Boy Scout troops and a Girl Scout troop who help us with our “shopping” at the local Dollar General. With volunteers from nearly every church in the area, we are able to maintain regular “shopping” hours for our families. There are numerous other volunteers who help with vehicle availability, loading and unloading food. With the help of Blackburn’s community service program, we have a wonderful student worker again this year!

We benefit from multiple food drives throughout the year — the Boy Scouts, the post office, the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, and most recently the food drive coordinated by CNB — along with many others and help from local churches.

As the need in our community continues to increase, our resources are beginning to be spread very thin. At this point, we have enough funds for the pantry to remain open approximately 13 months. Unfortunately, we may have to reduce the amount of help we currently provide for our families each month if necessary. We continue to be amazed and feel very blessed with the generosity and caring spirit of this community and are confident that this will not be necessary! Our families are very lucky to receive help from you and we know it will continue through 2019 and beyond.

And now we begin the Salvation Army bell-ringing campaign. Those funds are used to help folks with their power, water and propane bills. We appreciate your support and your willingness to volunteer during this time also!

Thank you so much!

Good Samaritan Ministries Board of Directors — Roger Anderson, Karen Dillon, Donna Eiffert, Erika Frelander, Peggy Garrison, Father John Henry, Carl Hallbauer, Dale Kasten, Jim Knetzer, Linda Leefers, Shelly Peffer, Alice Pressler, Susan Pressler, Paula Robinson, Larry Rodgers, Ginger Schuette and Jim Whitehead