Taxpayer money

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 6 2018) – Dear citizens:

I have heard you loud and clear regarding your concerns about wasting taxpayer money.

According to attorney Jacob Smallhorn, any information an alderman needs to perform their duties should be listed in his/her IML handbook.

I was registered to attend the September IML conference in Chicago along with six other officials. Upon registering, I was informed that the tickets and reservations were non-refundable. After hearing your concerns, I took it upon myself to investigate. On Aug. 22, I canceled my reservation at the Hilton (listed at between $262 and $312 per night plus taxes and fees), my reservation at the IML conference ($360) and my Amtrak ticket ($59), thereby saving the city several dollars. After canceling the above mentioned, I then verified with each entity that only my reservations have been canceled. I am giving the city of Carlinville $50 to cover the non-refundable cancellation fee of the IML.


Kim Heigert,

Carlinville alderman