jan dona

Our boy is home again. Hurrah, hurrah!

In most places, the sound of howling sirens usually isn’t a good thing, but here in the […]

Welcome to the winter of our discontent

We here in mid-Illinois consider ourselves to be made of good, tough, midwestern stock. We boast about […]

It’s time to put a lid on the

By Jan Dona Society evolves. It has to. The old adage is true: the only constant is […]

Our words reflect our world

By Jan Dona One of the things I like best about living here in God’s country is […]

It’s school supplies season

By Jan Dona Summer is definitely starting to wind down, although many of us feel like it’s […]

The American struggle for freedom didn’t end 237

The issue: As society evolves, Americans must constantly reassess and fight to maintain their liberties. Our view: […]