Support the mayor

To the editor:

– For over 10 years, it has been both an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Carlinville as an alderman elected in Ward 4, formerly Ward 5. While the position has certainly had its challenges, I have also gained knowledge and experience during my service, and these have made me a better person, employee and citizen. I have had the opportunity to serve with many people during my years on the council, including all our current mayoral candidates. I believe it is important when one votes to determine what one is for, not what one is against, and in that spirit I am writing this letter to offer the citizens some insight.

I have known Mayor Demuzio for many years and have interacted with her at both public and private events. When she was first elected, I supported the decision made by the voters, but I also had some apprehension. We had differing political views on a large scale, but it did not take long to se that at this level, politics do not matter as much as personhood. I quickly saw that Mayor Demuzio and I agree on one pivotal issue: our only job as elected officials is to do what is best for our community. Although we do not agree on every issue, I believe that the mayor desires to do what is best for the city of Carlinville; we may have dissidence without animosity. I find that she does not just deal with me this way, but strives to work well and serve well whether she is aiding citizens in understanding their water bills or conducting tense public meetings. Mayor Demuzio’s cooperation and leadership are what we need most in a mayor, and I believe her accomplishments in her mayoral term speak to her commitment to those characteristics.

During her time in service as mayor, important projects have been accomplished:

– The city received $80,000 from DECO for a Comprehensive Plan;

– Over $280,000 have been received through the 319 Grant project for the rehab of Carlinville Lake and forestry projects;

– Nearly $200,000 have been received for CSO projects to separate our combined storm and sanitary sewers;

– $450,000 to do necessary work to High and West street water lines;

– We are set to receive a $30,000 grant to study the regional water district that could solve our water issues;

– She vehemently supported the high speed rail project, being instrumental in negotiating both water and sewer lines under the rail at no cost to the city (original estimate was $400,000) and negotiating the final contract for the high speed rail to $58,000 cost to the city — down from an original cost of $210,000.

I think it is clear that Mayor Demuzio has had a positive impact on our city during her term. However, I cannot and will not ignore the more controversial and negative things that have happened in that time. I believe that one can only be responsible for one’s own actions, and regardless of one’s best intentions, not everyone has the same goals and objectives in serving the community before one’s own interests. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the next election cycle will be a positive one, and that the mayor will not only be re-elected, but will be elected along with other individuals who think independently but act cooperatively. It truly matters who we elect in our town, and I am proud to have served with Mayor Demuzio and to offer her my support in her seeking another term as our mayor. Please join me in supporting Mayor Deanna Demuzio on April 4.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph J. Direso,

Alderman, Ward 4