Summer has its benefits and its drawbacks

Summer has its benefits and its drawbacks

By Eric Becker

For the Write Team

CARLINVILLE (June 7, 2018) – Things to ponder while I’m sad that I won’t get another Today In Carlinville Athletics newsletter from Mr. DeNeve in my e-mail until August…

It must mean, then, that the school sports season has come to a conclusion around the area.

And, while there were a couple of teams who advanced in baseball and softball from the area, Carlinville teams have completed play for 2017-18.

Graduation ceremonies took place Sunday, May 27. Seniors entered the gymnasium as high school students and left as high school graduates.

How time flies. Just four years ago, 2014-15, they were freshman. Now, 2017-18, they are gone. Poof. Just like that. Like a baseball disappearing beyond the right field wall for a home run.

Summer gives me a break from covering the many sports which sometimes can be overwhelming. The third week in May was a great example of that craziness. Every year, it seems. Third week of May. Never a dull moment. Between baseball and softball regionals, girls soccer sectionals, boys track regionals and girls track state, I don’t know how I managed to survive the rugged number of miles I drove.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to be busy. I went from Decatur to Charleston back to Decatur three consecutive days a couple weeks ago. Better than going to Quincy, however, for which I went last spring for soccer sectionals.

I will stay busy with various events going on around town, and with city council, that’s never dull. School board is always a plus, too.  There’s the county fair coming up and I love those lemonade shakeups.

I have jury duty coming up, so that’s always a plus of any summer, right? Unfortunately, I do not have a root canal scheduled at this time. I do have two weeks of vacation this year which can be a good thing I suppose.

While there are some teams already getting prepared for football in the fall with some spring practices, I for one am ready for summer.

The weather gets hot, which is always a plus. Some prefer the cold weather, but not myself. Let the temperatures soar! Sometimes it gets too hot, and I get bothered, but often I just take it and go on with my day.

The summer does give me a chance to upgrade our home situation. Quite frankly, our house is a mess. A lot of people can say it, but not everyone can back it up. I can say we can back it up. The house has not been kept up well at all since moving into our current dwelling in December, 2011 and I’ll take most of the blame for that.

My wife, who is a teacher, is worn out at the end of the day. I live an hour from work. So I’m in my car a lot and very tired at the end of a day at work. So for the weekends, we hang out with our kids and do nothing housework related.

This is something I truly want to change this summer. It’s not an easy process of going through the “junk” room by room. We are not hoarders by any stretch of the imagination, but things can certainly be more organized.

Our kids can be held more accountable for putting stuff away, which has not been the case. Saying something and making sure somebody does it are two different things, for sure.

For the graduating class of 2018, I will leave you with this: There are many jobs and many things you will do over the next several years. Nothing is harder nor more enjoyable than being a parent. It’s the best, and sometimes worst, times of your lives. Stressful, yet rewarding.

Through the laughter, the tears and the trouble that kids get into at home, I still wouldn’t trade it all for the world. It’s been a world-wind of emotions. Pure joy at times. It really sucks at other times. Punishing kids are never easy. But they have to learn, just like graduates have to continue to learn going forward.

Best of luck to the graduating class of 2018 in your future endeavors.