Sports Extra: Year later, Rams not missed in the STL

Sports Extra: Year later, Rams not missed in

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With Eric Becker

It’s been one year since we came to the realization that the St. Louis Rams National Football League team was no more.

Officially announcing it was moving to Los Angeles, the departure of the Rams from the Gateway City ot the West may end up being a blessing in disguise.

Though not a Rams fan, I was terribly frustrated with the process and how the NFL went about doing its relocation business.

I was more than a tad bitter over the situation – I did not take the news well at all. You may remember a piece I wrote on the topic in this column about a year ago.

A number of St. Louisians, myself included, were turned off by the NFL for a while. I did not watch one single down the first two weeks of the season.

I came to watch more NFL as the season went along, but certainly not at the same level as I have in recent years.

As the NFL draft came, I waited for a blunder or two. The Rams came through with flying colors before the draft, trading for the number one overall pick in the draft, which turned out to be Jared Goff.

How did that work out for you, L.A.? Secretly before the season, the Rams inked then-head coach Jeff Fisher to an extension.  ‘Hush, hush, we’re too embarrassed to make it known publically.’

About two-thirds into the season, word of the extension came down. A couple of weeks after that, Fisher tied the NFL record for most losses as a head coach.

Before he had a chance to break the record in Seattle, Fisher was fired. Of course, that’s the way it always goes.

The Rams finished 4-12. They were 3-1 at one point, and after impressive road wins at Tampa and at Arizona for a three-game win streak, there was perhaps some hope building.

I was worried. But, the worry was not warranted. The Rams only won one remaining game of their last 12,  That was a road win at the Jets.

San Francisco won two games all year – yep, both against the Rams. LOL. They blew late leads against the 49ers and the Dolphins at home. It was quite the sight to see such disasters unfolding for a disorganized sports franchise. The final home games were blowout losses to the Falcons and the Cardinals.

So the L.A. Rams went 1-7 at home in its first year back on the West Coast. Makes you want to go out and buy season tickets, eh?

It’s not all about Fisher, or the dreadful trade  for the top draft pick or all the losses that piled up.

Stanley Enos Kroenke doesn’t care about putting a winning product on the field. He cares about money, and getting that new stadium open in a couple of years.

Well, Kroenke and the Rams will have a new bed buddy to help occupy the stadium as the Los Angeles Chargers, formerlly of San Diego, will call L.A. home next year and into the foreseeable future, sharing the new stadium that will be built out there.

Until the Rams figure out what in the heck they are doing, they won’t win reguarly. Kroenke only cares about making a buck, but he and the others out there will find out soon enough that L.A. won’t put up with losing football – there are much more enjoyable things to do out there than watch bad football, right?.  Now they have two franchises who are struggling.

Good job by Roger Goddell and the NFL on making this happen. Perhaps it will be the downfall of the league in years to come.

Until then, we just sit back in the STL and relax. watching some baseball and hockey. Two sports which came together recently to host the NHL’s Winter Classic at Busch Stadium.

Over 40,000 came for the legends game, another 45,000 for the actual game with Chicago.

Yeah, about St. Louis not a football town – okay, fine. Whatever. Don’t come crying to us when the football atmosphere in L.A. is so bad that the league doesn’t know what to do.

We’ll tell the NFL where to go. And where to stay. That will be enough to keep me satisfied.