Sports Extra: SCC, new football schedule and some bad baseball

Sports Extra: SCC, new football schedule and some

6 22 17

Was looking over the past completed South Central Conference for 2016-17.

What a nice balance the conference had up and down the line. Six different boys schools and six different girls schools won or shared a piece of the conference title in their respective sport.

In this article, I will briefly discuss the South Central in boys and girls competition.

Carlinville won just two team conference titles, but finished in the upper half of several more. The Cavies won boys cross country and shared the football conference title last year, en route to the state title game.

Vandalia and Pana on the boys side each won or shared in three team titles. The Vandals tied for football, and won baseball and wrestling. Pana tied in football, winning in boys soccer and boys track.

On the girls side, six different schools won or shared for the conference title.


There will be a new look to the high school football season within the South Central Conference.

Carlinville opens at Hillsboro this season, Friday, Aug. 25, before the home opener one week later against Gillespie.

In week three, the Cavaliers travel to Litchfield, then head to Pana in Week four, which is the lone game to remain the same week for the Cavies  as in the past couple of seasons.

Week five welcomes Roxana to town, and the Cavies travel to Southwestern in Week 6.

Vandalia and Staunton visit Carlinville in weeks seven and eight, while the regular season wraps up with a trip to Greenville week nine.

The Cavies coming off a 12-2 season and a trip to the Class 3A state championship game, will look for more playoff success this year if they are able to qualify once more.

Quite frankly, I’ve seen more football wins the last couple of years at CHS than  the previous 12 years combined watching teams struggle. The team has gone 12-2 and 8-3 the last two years.

Prior to that, I know my record isn’t very good. No playoff wins before 2015 either.

The Cavies just have to figure out a way to beat Pana, the only conference team the Cavies haven’t beaten in the last two years.


Had to rant last Sunday, Father’s Day, with a discussion on my favorite baseball team – and it’s not the Cardinals.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. How many ways can my team find a way to lose? On Sunday, it was a rarity as they’re leading in the ninth inning. But then to have a rare win snatched away by an inept bullpen, that was the last straw. Plus they had a run taken off the board on a review earlier in the game, which would have been nice to have in the ninth inning.

Just a buildup of terrible baseball finally got to my last nerve. Tuesday, my team led 5-0 and lost 7-6 in 10 innings. Again, not to this commentator’s surprise.

In no uncertain terms, it was my displeasure toward the team which got my blood boiling. Can’t use the terms I wrote in this article, that’s for sure. It had to do with the team’s talent, and leave it at that.

If you’re a passionate sports fan, which I am, toward certain sports teams, which I am, then I just want the team to at least try like they care. They are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars. No way should teams be playing a stretch of ball where they win 11 of 48 games, after an 11-9 start to the season. It’s inexcusable in my book.

Man, 2008 seems like eons ago.


Want to finish this article on a good, happy note.

It was a wonderful second full year of covering Carlinville athletics, and to a lesser extent, those schools in the county.

Carlinville, like I said many times before, is my kind of small town.

Friendly folks, great leaders and great schools. Haven’t encountered one problem with anybody in the school district or the town for that matter, and while that is always the goal, sadly it’s not always the case.

Basically, if you treat others the way you want to be treated, you’ll be okay. It’s a nice piece of advice my father gave me several years ago.

Looking back over my time in journalism, Carlinville has to be at the top of my list as a top-notch school district.

Also want to wish Mike Kelly a happy retirement after spending three and a half decades in education.

My wife, who is also in education, would say that is totally nuts. She cannot wait for retirement, even trying to buy a couple of years if possible.

But certain people have a certain passion, and Mr. Kelly has certainly exhibited his wide and vast knowledge within the realm of education.

All of us at the newspaper wish Mike and his family well as he heads into other endeavors. But I’m pretty sure we’ll see him at a school event or two somewhere down the road.