Sports Extra: Dissecting final touchdown for Carlinville

Sports Extra: Dissecting final touchdown for Carlinville

Jacob Dixon called it his worst pass he’s ever thrown.

Brady Jamieson saw the ball was thrown short and made an adjustment.

It was third down and 10, the ball at the Williamsville 46-yard line. Just a tad over two minutes to play. Season on the line. Game tied.

Without getting a first down, the Cavaliers were likely to have punted back to Williamsville. The Bullets ground and air attack had been on their game all afternoon. Both offenses had knacks for striking quickly all game.

CHS senior quarterback Adam Walton took the snap from Jake Hannig, pitched the ball to Dixon along the right side of the line, and Dixon then did what he’d done just twice previously this season – attempt to throw down field.

The ball started out fluttering a bit down field, not at all a perfect spiral by any means. Meanwhile, Williamsville defender Patrick Hegland was in the area. He was providing tight coverage on Jamieson.

What happened next was one of the biggest plays of the Cavaliers season, and  perhaps one of the top playoff moments in recent Cavalier football history.

Jamieson managed to somehow catch the game-winning touchdown pass on a halfback option Saturday afternoon against Williamsville in the Class 3A second round of the state football playoffs.

Cavaliers head football coach Chad Easterday said the team does practice the halfback option. Dixon had thrown two passes earlier in the season, both incomplete. The third time worked, however.

Dixon was clearly jubilant immediately after the play on the sideline, and after the hard-fought game, giving credit to fate or help from somewhere beyond the realm of possibility..

“I was getting hit, and I just threw it – worst pass I’ve ever thrown in my life,” Dixon said. “Brady made a great play. I still have no idea how that got through. I  sat back there for a second and said ‘Did he just score a touchdown?’ I have no idea how it got in there.”

Jamieson adjusted and made the catch as Blake Richardson blocked Hegland from making a potential tackle on Jamieson.

“I was surprised it was in my hands,” Jamieson said. “I just ran, and I saw it was short so I tried to cut off the defender. Next thing you know it hits his shoulder pad and its  in my hands. But meeting everyone down in the end zone, it was something I can’t believe.”

Perhaps they’ll believe it when they line up opposite unbeaten Newton on the road Saturday afternoon.

The season will again be on the line, but getting past the second round of the playoffs for the first time, this group of seniors have the playoff football experience to maintain their composure under the most stressful of circumstances.

And for those Cavies players and fans who are Cub fans, what a week it has been, indeed.

In the words of the great Harry Caray, “Holy Cow.”

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cutline: Photo 8275: Jacob Dixon is beyond belief on the sideline during the fourth quarter Saturday, after throwing a go-ahead touchdown with two minutes left to Brady Jamieson.