Speed study in Hagaman

Speed study in Hagaman

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The Macoupin County Road and Bridge Committee met for their regular meeting Aug. 2, at which time Bill Jacoby of Hagaman expressed his concerns about vehicles speeding through the village.

Jacoby wanted to know if the county could make a speed zone through the area if Jacoby Farms Inc. offered to pay for the signs. Committee members discussed what options are available for setting speed limits on county and township roads. It was noted there would have to be three signs installed in each direction: one sign to warn of an upcoming speed zone, another marking the beginning of the speed zone and a third ending the speed zone.

Jacoby noted the number of animals that have been hit by vehicles speeding through the area. He also pointed out that there are homes that sit very close to the roadway and it would be nearly impossible for a vehicle that left the road to stop before striking one.

According to Jacoby, the speed increase is because the road off 108 been well maintained and the road is smooth.

Members of the committee approved a motion to conduct a speed study in that area.

In other matters, the committee agreed to allow a pair of 50/50 petitions go before the full board. The first is for a culvert in Cahokia Township on Oak Lane near Eagarville for $40,000. The second is in Shaw’s Point Township for pipe arches on Laurie’s Road for $22,000.

County Engineer Tom Reinhart explained there has been plans to replace a bridge on Lauries Road near the pipe arches for about eight years.