Six months of progress down, many to go

Six months of progress down, many to go


CARLINVILLE (AUG. 30 2018) – Six and a half months have flown by since I had gastric bypass. Honestly, it’s going better than I expected, overall.

In that time, I’ve lost just a hair under 80 pounds; once you include the pre-op diet, I’m down nearly 95 pounds since the first of the year. I see my surgeon for my next follow-up appointment on Sept. 20, and I’m hoping to hit that 100-pound mark by then.

It’s gotten to the point that people are starting to notice even more, especially when I haven’t seen them a while. The funny thing is, other people noticed it before I did. It seemed like it took ages for me to be able to see a difference, except in my face — that’s what started to change first, I think. It’s still sometimes hard for me to see much of a difference in photos, but I can definitely tell in the way my old clothes no longer fit. I’ve really started to dig into the few bags of clothes I have in smaller sizes thanks to hand-me-downs, Goodwill finds, and Walmart clearance. Even the pair of flipflops I bought on mega-markdown when the Kmart on Wabash in Springfield went out of business in December 2016 (which were a tiny bit too tight at that point) have become loose enough that they fall off sometimes.

On the day I actually hit the six-month mark, I did some math and figured out that (as of that point, which was about five pounds ago), I had lost 18.3 percent of my body weight since surgery and 21.7 percent since January; my BMI has gone from 75.7 to 59.8; I’d lost about 34 percent of the weight I would like to lose (though my doctor hasn’t given me an official goal number yet). I average a daily loss of about .4 pounds, and that’s with a stall of about a month long when I hovered within a range of about four pounds. I’m officially at the lowest weight I’ve been since December 2007. My clothes have gone from a six 34/5X to a 24/3X.

Hair loss has been the bane of my existence since it started as expected at the three-month mark, but it has finally slowed to about what it was before surgery; I’ve always been a shedder, so I don’t think it will ever stop completely. I attribute that slowing (which happened quicker than it does for many bariatric surgery patients) to a combination of hair/skin/nail vitamins, flaxseed oil, special shampoos/conditioners, and putting it in a ponytail as little as possible.

My six-month bloodwork came back great, with the exception of a Vitamin D deficiency that I know is my own fault because I wasn’t doing great at taking my vitamins every day like I’m supposed to.

I even joined a gym last week. So far, I’m only using the membership for the pool, but who knows what the future holds. Even just joining is a big step for me.