Shooting Sports Fall Classic held at Brittany Trap

Shooting Sports Fall Classic held at Brittany Trap

4-H Shooting Sports members participated in the fifth annual 4-H Fall Classic, held Aug. 24 at Brittany Shooting Park in Bunker Hill.

Members from University of Illinois Extension Unit 18 — which encompasses Christian, Jersey, Macoupin and Montgomery counties — competed in the shooting disciplines of archery, air rifle, .22 rifle and shotgun. At the conclusion of each discipline, a recognition ceremony was held, where members received awards for their efforts.

Macoupin County 4-H members who participated were Braxton Bounds, Madalyn Dugan, Casey Dugan and Maxwell Dugan of Shipman; Hank Ahrling and Evelyn Heyen of Plainview; Alex Behme, Addison Eldred, Reece Loy, Gabe Pauline, Payton Harding, Anna Cloninger, Caleb Cloninger, Braylee Gilmore, Wyld Gilmore and Ariyah Stuemke of Carlinville; Henry Kirby, Makayla Kirby and Billy Heyen of Gillespie; Cadeyn Box of Palmyra; and Joscelyn Wagner of Virden.

Results were as follows.

Archery, ages 8-9, non-sighted: Henry Kirby (Macoupin), first; Katelyn Marley (Montgomery), second; and Kyra Georgevits (Jersey), third.

Archery, ages 8-9, sighted: Payton Harding (Macoupin), first; Bella Richardson (Montgomery), second; and Wyld Gilmore (Macoupin), third.

Archery, ages 10-14, non-sighted: Bernie Dohrn (Jersey), first; Loretta Taul (Jersey), second; and Jack Dohrn (Jersey), third.

Archery, ages 10-14, sighted: Isabella Dailey (Montgomery), first; Max Dugan (Macoupin), second; and Christian Dugger (Jersey), third.

Archery, ages 15-19, sighted: Jalen Newingham (Jersey), first.

Air rifle, ages 8-9: Dean Gibbs (Montgomery), first; Reece Loy (Macoupin), second; and Hank Ahrling (Macoupin), third.

Air rifle, ages 10-14: Jon Schmidt (Montgomery), first.

.22 rifle, ages 10-14: Evelyn Heyen (Macoupin), first; Casey Dugan/Addison Eldred (Macoupin), second; and Alex Behme (Macoupin), third.

.22 rifle, ages 15-18: Joscelyn Wagner (Macoupin), first.

Shotgun, ages 10-14: Gabe Pauline (Macoupin), first; and Camerone Little (Jersey), second.

Shotgun, ages 15-18: William Yurick (Jersey), first; and Johnathan Brookens (Christian), second.

Volunteers included Tom Brookens of Christian County; Tony and Becky Taul and Jeremy and Jessica Little of Jersey County; John and Jenny Dugan, Amy Heyen, Tony Wagner and Mark Koskie of Macoupin County; and Patti Wartmann, Paul Pershing, Phil Crouch and David Falter of Montgomery County.

Macoupin County 4-H members and volunteers who participated in the Unit 18 Fall Classic were, front row, from left, Cadeyn Box, Hank Ahrling, Reece Loy, Wyld Gilmore, Alex Behme, Caleb Cloninger, Anna Cloninger and Payton Harding; middle row, Braxton Bounds, Billy Heyen, Henry Kirby, Addison Eldred, Ariyah Stuemke, Joscelyn Wagner, Braylee Gilmore and Amy Heyen; back row, John Dugan, Gabe Pauline, Jenny Dugan, Madalyn Dugan, Max Dugan, Makayla Kirby, Evelyn Heyen, Casey Dugan, Mark Koskie and Tony Wagner.