Shocking event at park during girls' regional final

Shocking event at park during girls’ regional final

Dear editor,

CARLINVILLE (May 16, 2018) – Family and friends were cheering the Carlinville High School girls’ soccer team in their regional championship against Litchfield at Loveless Park last Friday evening, including several high school boys that were sitting on the tailgates of their trucks parked along the road. Carlinville was winning and the atmosphere was joyful until a police car arrived near the end of the first half. The officers had received a call informing them that the boys’ pickups were partially parked on the grass. It was nothing unusual. They had been parking at this same location for each game throughout the entire season.

Know that the boys were not being rude, rowdy or disrespectful in any manner, nor were their trucks causing any obvious damage to the turf. They were simply watching the game and cheering as they had done on many evenings, but now someone wanted to demonstrate authority. The boys were upset and embarrassed, as were family and friends. Not at the police simply doing their job, but at the person that called them.

The incident left an unnecessary and lingering negative memory to an otherwise pleasant, eventful and joyous evening of soccer. It was truly unnecessary to notify the police about what could have been handled in a much more casual and friendly manner. It is clearly an instance where an apology is owed to the boys, parents, family and friends. Oh, but someone said, in defense of the action taken against the boys, that it was private property. Well, take a look at your last tax bill and I believe you will find a line item listed as “Carlinville Park.” I do not believe our taxes are going to maintain private property.

Sometimes it is best to savor the moment (the regional victory) and not worry about negligible, short-term impacts on a very small area of grass, turf that is exposed to the cumulative effects of an X-Marx mower virtually every week throughout the growing season, sometimes when the soil is wet.

I am compelled to relate this incident to you, hoping for better times in the future. I would be most happy to discuss this issue in greater detail with anyone that is interested.


Dick McClain,