Seven receive facade grant money from city

Seven receive facade grant money from city

CARLINVILLE (April 12, 2018) – Discussion was wide spread, but in the end, the Carlinville City Finance Committee Monday voted 3-2 to approve facade grants to all seven applicants for the upcoming season.

The seven will each receive $1,500 for work on their building in town. The city has budgeted $10,000 for such projects, so an additional $500 will have to come from elsewhere.

Discussion was raised whether those who received grants in the past should be able to continue to get them this year as well.

There was a motion to approve five of the seven applicants, but that motion died. Some committee members were not comfortable excluding some who applied.

Those receiving the grant money must complete the work by the end of the year.

Recipients include Baron Stayton, Crowe Boot and Shoe, Reno’s Pizza,  Deborah Borre, Earl Bellm, Carl Zeidler  and Greg Whitler.

Those doing painting work will not be able to paint the brick along their building. Painting the trim along the building is okay as long as the brick is not touched.

Finance committee chair Sarah Oswald read the city’s interpretation of painting.

“Wall surfaces not previously painted such as brick, terracotta and brick shall remain unpainted,” Oswald said.

Also, the committee discussed changing the language of facade to include not only improvements to the front of the building, but to the side and back of the building which is visible to the passer-by. The motion to approve the recipients included changing the language for the facade.

“I don’t think we should discourage any improvements,” said Oswald.

Committee member Beth Toon agreed and thought changing the language in what constitutes improvement was needed.

The city’s Facade Grant improvement program awarded $11,087 in grants to six local business in 2017, resulting in $34,712 of work performed.

From 2014 to 2017, the program has awarded a total of $46,390 in grants to 24 businesses, resulting in total investment of over $156,000 by recipients of the Facade Grants.

RFP Update

The committee sent out requests from all the area banks asking for updated numbers on interest rate, the possibility of installing a debit/credit card system, return on CD’s and other financial information.

City clerk Carla Brockmeier reported to the committee they have received all proposals from the financial institutions, ranging from one page to 20 pages.

Brockmeier asked the finance committee to have their auditors, Fleming, Tawfall and Company, look over the proposals and come up with a suggestion.

She said the auditor can do that work at a cost of $116/hour, with about three to four hours needed to review the proposals.

A motion was approved to have the auditor look at the proposals.